Thursday, August 26, 2010

4th of July!!

Let Freedom Ring!!

For the 4th we

Barbecued on the lawn of the church and watched fire works from there. It was so nice not having to fight crowds. We are finally getting to know allot of people here. Which makes things so much better! We are loving Farmington more and more each day! It's so nice to be close to family where the kiddo's can play with each other and we are loving the laid back environment.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Dylan went on the "Trek" this summer. For those of you who don't know what the Trek is. It is a way to follow the experiences of the early Saints and connect with our spiritual heritage. On the Trek they try to reenact a small part of the journey the pioneers went through to establish the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Salt Lake Valley. This experience we so good for him. When we picked him up he was covered in black dirt which made his teeth looked so white. After our hello's and good bye's we loaded in the car and I asked him how his trip was. He said "It was awesome!!" then he proceeded to tell us how much he loved us as he began to cry. He changed up on that mountain. He had changed for the better! It was one of those mother moments for me that I will never forget!! I realized that my baby had gotten "it". It meaning knowing the gospel was true, knowing how important family was. It meaning realizing how much our ancestors went through to restore the gospel and how to love and except everyone for who they are. What a good feeling to know that my baby understood.
Dylan with his good friend Becka "Good and Filthy"!!!!

Taking a break!

Pioneer Children Sang as they walked and walked and walked!

TREK 2010

Yes... It's is official!! Dylan is a driver!! I didn't think he would live to even take the test but I was wrong!! lol Next time you see him you will have to ask him about the "old lady" he back into in the Wal-Mart parking lot. Good Times, Good Times!!!

Patiently waiting!!

The big smiles are because he is happy to be an official driver and I don't have to be his chauffeur anymore!! Yippee!!


Well... This is a typical picture of Jake. Big smile... PHONE in hand! lol

No really... he has been staying so busy!! He had like a million baseball games this year and his wonderful mother didn't even take one picture of him. (nice huh) He is thriving here in Farmington. He has made so many friends and been staying busy. He LOVES the scouting program and has done so many fun things this summer! He also just got his Hunters Safety and is planning a BIG hunt real soon.

You have to love Jake!! So full of life and now a member of the National Junior Honor Society!!

Jake's buddy Jacob came to see us for a week this summer. They hadn't seen each other in a year and it was like they never missed a beat!!

Mr. Brody

Mr. Brody had a great time playing baseball this year!! His coach is a friend of mine from high school! Crazy huh! Anyway they don't have pitching machines in Farmington. Apparently they are to high class for that, lol So.... Bro Bro learned how to pitch! It turned out good. He ended up getting a award for "BEST PITCHER"! BUT....In the beginning it was AWFUL!! I would get stressed out every time they put him on the mound. He looked like Herman Monster up on the mound!! One time the ball would be a strike, then it would be a ball over the umpires head, and then he would peg the batter!! SO STRESSFUL!!!!!

The very best thing about baseball besides NO DIRT DEVILS was the fields had playground equipment for Kenzie to play on. Which made the games very pleasant!

Dylan and Kenzie watching Baseball !!

Brody is such a joy to our Family!! He always has something to say that brings a smile to my face!! The other day I said "I am so HOT"!! Brody replies with " Ain't that the truth"!! What a crack up!!

Miss. Kenzie

Miss Kenzie has been very busy making new friend and enjoying life! The cute little girl in this picture with her is her BFF Holly Wood! They just love each other! Holly's mom and I have really enjoyed watching and listening to the girls play! They say the funniest things!!

Kenzie takes dance 2 days a week and is loving it!!

This is her after her performance! Daddy brought flowers!

This is Mrs. Debbie! She's not only her dance teacher, but shes also in our ward! Lucky us!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

The Lou Who Family

Yes... We were the "Who" family for Halloween this year!! Me as Betty Lou Who, Oscar as Lou Who, Kenzie as Cindy Lou Who, Dylan as Stu Lou Who, Jake as Dru Lou Who and Brody as The The The GRINCH!!!!!

We loved doing this!! People were taking pictures of us every where we went!! Kenzie took 1st place in two costume contest. The 1st one was at Brody's school. The second one was at the trunk r treat. The event had 3 wards all together. We hardly knew anyone....But we made the best of it and everyone was very nice!! Plus the kids got allot of candy!!!!